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Oh, Kay! lyrics

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Oh, Kay! Song Lyrics

1st Verse
You've a charm that is all your own -
Makes 'em all stare.
You've a style you can call your own;
Lady, you are there!
I can't see what you see in me;
It must be rare.
But I'd like to hear a little more;
Sneak right up, boys, you can have the floor.
lst Refrain
Oh, Kay! You're O.K. with me!
You're a dear!
Oh, Kay! You're O.K. with me!
Listen here:
Venus couldn't compare -
'Tween us, you've her charms and
Two good arms, and
You're like a beautiful pome, it is clear;
You could break up any home. Say,
Since you've shown up,
I must own up
I'm up a tree. Say,
Oh, Kay! You're O.K. with me!
2nd Verse
If my heart were a free-for-all -
Me for all you.
But my heart has no key for all;
So what can I do?
Entre nous, there's a laddie to
Whom I am true.
Though you cannot have my heart and hand,
I will tell the world I think you're grand.
2nd Refrain
Listen here:
Hey-hey! You're O.K. with Kay!
Never fear!
Hear me-if I were free -
Dear me! Nothing to it!
You're so cu-it!
You've got that Je-ne-sais-quoi, little boy,
That makes the others look blah. Say,
I'm another's,
But if brothers
You care to be -
Oh, that would be O.K. with me!