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The Notrorious Theme lyrics - The Notorious B.I.G.

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The Notrorious Theme Song Lyrics

Look! My dream is to make it out of here but I don't know what to can't even find a studio I've felt like dat I shouldn't
been dead at a young age I am at but dat not goin to happen to me my dream is to become a mc hip-hop my life if I do make it
I promise to become da greatest mc there will ever be since Pac, and Big my childhood I'm having is rough with my anger
problems parents don't care about it I need help though I wish I waz out of my parents house getting tired living with them
makes me more angrier with da all problems that I'm having my house being broken in cops didn't give a damn of finding da
person who did it wondering who am I nmae is name Joel aka Young Joe!
[Thanks to Joel Maldonado for lyrics]