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November, 22nd 2015
The genre is romance. Clear voice with sounds of the lute and the piano. The piano is a generally beloved instrument in a collection that accompanies almost every composition. Violin changes its sound from classic to prankish, resembling the Jewish motives. And we are about to expect that from the corner Jewish wedding will come out, while the song suddenly deceives us with its end.

Sunday Morning lyrics

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Sunday Morning Song Lyrics

Has Andrey arrived?
Has Andrey arrived?
He has not arrived
He will never come
Or something will happen to me before he does
Come to church dear
Marya Dmitryevna likes Sundays and knows how to keep them
The whole house has been scrubbed and cleaned
Roast goose and suckling pig filled our noses with glee
We wear holiday dresses
Travel by troika to church
God is everywhere
I suffer more now than before
The theater and Anatole
That man who aroused such terrible feelings
I don't understand
Have I broken faith with Andrey?
Am I guilty?
After church, Marya left for Prince Bolkonsky's
The rudeness of that man!
I'll straighten him out!
That terrible old Prince
There, there Natasha
It's not your fault
Here, kiss me
I can't bear to think of it
I'll shut myself in my room
And try on new dresses
And just after Marya left
There was a knock at the door
Natasha had just turned her head to the glass
When she heard a voice that made her flush