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November, 22nd 2015
The genre is romance. The length is just 1:12, this composition is probably some sort of hallucinogenic sketches than just a song. Disembodied spirits and ghosts as if flying around. The melody, in fact, is longer in the musical. It just entered a selection in the chopped version and breaks off just in the middle, when some development is expected. Well, it happens.

Natasha Very Ill lyrics

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Natasha Very Ill Song Lyrics

Natasha very ill
The whole house
A state of alarm and commotion
Natasha very ill
Having poisoned herself
With a bit of arsenic
She woke me in the middle of the night
And told me what she had done
And the doctors
And the antidotes
And now she is out of danger
But still so weak
And Andrey is to return
We wait with dread