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November, 22nd 2015
The genre is romance. Short song, just 2:43, begins with the sound of a violin and harp. A woman's voice with a good average tonality enters literally a few seconds later, and tells the story of own misadventures with a rather gloomy pictures. This song creates the same depressed mood, which is inherent to entire film by Tim Burton "Bride Corpse". Most of the songs are the same there.

Natasha Lost lyrics

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Natasha Lost Song Lyrics

I smile, I shake
And the opera continues
And I'm quite submissive to the world I am in
My previous life is slipping away from me
My distant past is gone, is gone
And the rest of the night
I can't take my eyes from him
His glittering eyes
And his tender smile
And as I am leaving
Flushed and nervous
He touches my arm
And I turn around
And he's looking at me
With his glittering eyes
And his tender smile
O God! I am lost!
How could I let him?
Everything is dark, obscure, and terrible
I don't understand this
O God! I am lost!
Back in the theater, full of lights
Where tenors jumped about in tinsel jackets
Young girls and old men cried ?bravo!? in repture
There it all seemed simple
But now, alone
I am tortured
My conscience gnaws away at my heart
Am I spoiled for Andrey's love or not?
Oh I can soothe myself with irony:
Nothing! It was nothing
I didn't lead him on at all
No one will ever know
I'll never see him again
Nothing has happened
And Andrey can love me still
O God, why isn't he here?
And yet it was like there was nothing between us
No veil, no modesty
Just his face and strong hands
His glittering eyes
And his tender smile
That bold handsome man who pressed my arm