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Oh! What A Glorious Thing lyrics - Akira The Don

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Oh! What A Glorious Thing Song Lyrics

I woke about nine
Opened up my eyes
Figured it's time to rise
Threw The Curtains open wide
And peeped outside - yo the weather was fine!
I knew that was a sign that today would be a good day
I popped a CD on, jumped in the shower
Sploshed and washed till I'm fresh like a flower
Next grab a towel and I dry myself off
I grab my vest cos next it's time to get dressed
I rocked white socks, my fubu boxers
Clean white jeans and this mean white top wot zips down the side of my neck
To my left shoulder blade
Feel like I just got paid today
Brushed my teeth and my hair then I popped my contacts in and binned the containers
Put on my trainers
Out the front door, waved "hi!" to the neighbours
What a Glorious thing
Waking up in the morning baby
What a glorious thing
Get to have a whole day!
Hey! (x2)
So I hop on my stolen bike and ride
Down the Kingsland road (whoah)
Bouncing over speed bumps calves pump pedals
The way I ramp that plank I deserve a frigging medal
Petrol fumes looms as my boke zooms
Stuck behind a bus wot's rough so I cough
Which reminds me, when the sun's blistering I'm gonna have to take an anti-histamine
Or else I'll get stressed again
sneeze so hard I split my vest again
Vex my chest till I'm depressed again
No way pos sis!
So I drop by the office
Check out my emails
Females blowing up my inbox
Soon though I'm off again, headed down park
Hook up with my peeps we kick ball till its dark
Then we're off to rock a show and I'm super glad it's Stunners time
Kicking dope rhymes in the summertime, word
[Thanks to BlackKaida for lyrics]