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Noye's Fludde, Op. 59: Noye, Noye, Take Thou Thy Company lyrics - Trevor Anthony

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Noye's Fludde, Op. 59: Noye, Noye, Take Thou Thy Company Song Lyrics

DEUS. Noe, take thou thy companye
and in the shippe hye that yee bee;
for non soe righteouse man to mee "
ys nowe one yearth livinge.
After that, it is my likinge
mankynde for to anoye.
Fortye dayes and fortye nightes
rayne shall fall for there unrightes.
And that I have made through myghtes
nowe thinke I to distroye.
NOE. Have donne, yee men and weomen all;
hye you lest this water fall,
that eyche beaste were in stall
and into the shippe broughte.
Of cleane beastes seaven shalbe,
of uncleane two; thus God bade mee.
The flood is nigh, you may well see;
therfore tarrye you nought.
SEM. Syr, here are lions, leopardes in;
horses, mares, oxen, and swynne,
geates, calves, sheepe, and kyne
here sytten thou may see.
CAM. Camelles, asses, man may fynde,
bucke and doe, harte and hynde.
All beastes of all manere of kynde
here bynne, as thinketh mee.
JAFETT. Take here cattes, dogges too,
otters and foxes, fullimartes alsoe;
hares hoppinge gayle can goe
here have colle for to eate.
NOES WIFE. And here are beares, wolves sett,
apes, owles, maremussett,
wesills, squerrells, and fyrrett;
here the eaten there meate.
SEMES WIFFE. Heare are beastes in this howse;
here cattes maken yt crowse;
here a rotten, here a mowse
that standen nere together.
CAMS WYFFE. And here are fowles lease and more-
hernes, cranes, and byttoer,
swanes, peacockes-and them before
meate for this wedder.
JAFETTES WYFFE. Here are cockes, kytes, crowes,
rookes, ravens, many rowes,
duckes, curlewes, whoever knowes,
eychone in his kynde.
SEMES WYFFE. And here are doves, digges, drakes,
redshankes monninge through lakes;
and eyche fowle that leadenn makes
192 in this shippe man may fynde