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She's My Sister lyrics - Delray And Huey

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She's My Sister Song Lyrics

Now I didn't mean to call you a redneck-son-of-a-,
Though you are a redneck-son-of-a-b**ch.
I know you didn't mean to call my club a cr*ppy little club,
Though I guess it is a cr*ppy little club.
My parents died young, they died poor.
They left me with my sister not much more.
She had this voice like none I knew,
So I opened up my club, what else could I do?
For my sister. My little sister.
She sang her song and they customers came-
I came from nothin'.
We made some money and I made me a name!
I'll make her somethin'.
You are stealing this music-
That ain't for you to say!
Hey, I don't blame ya, brother, it's the American way!
No, no, there's something you just don't understand!
Oh yeah, I understand you're a dangerous man!
I love your sister, really I do.
Don't ever let me hear those words come out of you!
Not here in Memphis-
The danger is deep that you wanna put her in,
I don't care about you but she's my sister!
I'm a God-fearing man, a Christian through and through,
But you can bet I'll protect my baby sister!
Oh-oh-oh, she's my one and only flesh and blood!
Be careful with the one I love!
She's my sister!
[Thanks to Hana Cheplowitz for lyrics]