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The Reckoning lyrics

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The Reckoning Song Lyrics

There's no escape! Admit defeat!
This time you're dead! There's no retreat!
Don't stare...don't try to take my love away
Right from the start this was their plan
Right from the start, keep out Guillaume!
Keep him away, far from Bertrande, keep them apart!
All I did Bertrande, I did for you!
So true, so pure...I knew you deserved much more
(he lets Martin go and grabs Bertrande)
A Martin Guerre better than them
A Martin Guerre much more like me
(he runs in)
Leave her alone, it's me you want
It's me she wants!
I'm here Guillaume, I'm here Guillaume!
(he grabs Bertrande and puts the knife to her throat)
Martin must die! I'll kill Martin!
Then come to me...
I'm Martin Guerre!
(Guillaume lets Bertrande go and stabs Arnaud. Bertrande screams
and takes him in her arms as he falls. Guillaume tries to kill
Martin. They fight, and Benoit kills Guillaume by smashing his
head in with his crutch. The remaining villagers enter.)
You showed me how to love...our love gave us a child...
I belonged here, didn't I?
We had so little time
Still we made a life!
I love you....
(he falls back, dead)
When will we all learn?
We lived our lives in fear...
We say we love the same God yet there's blood on every hand!
Let him die for peace
Can't you understand?
If all we ever love is hate...
Will we ever hear?