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The Jail lyrics

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The Jail Song Lyrics

(Bertrande reaches through the bars of the jail to Arnaud, who is chained)
My love, my love, I will wait for you!
I am, and will always be your wife!
And in the spring our child will be born, strong like his father
Then together, we'll wait
And through the seasons he'll grow
And he'll learn of his past!
Of the sacrifice his father made for love
I am Arnaud du Thil
Arnaud du Thil...
You're not my wife!
Arnaud du Thil!
He was my friend
I am more your wife than his
I still betrayed him...Bertrande!
Everything we fought for was born of a lie!
And we deceived ourselves into believing it!
I am nobody now, I am worthless Bertrande
As I was in the past and always will be!
And all I know is that nothing now can change the way I feel
And all I know is the touch of love that changes all I know!
(Martin arrives with keys to the jail, and he opens the door
to let himself and Bertrande inside)
Please, Martin, you don't understand...he came to tell me how you died!
But when I saw Bertrande, the words you said Martin, you spoke of
dreams, Martin
You spoke of chance...
And the hope that you gave me was the hope that turned to loving
(Martin turns to leave, but stops)
You! Can this really be you! Is a thief and a traitor all you are
made of in the end?
You! I believed you were dead!
Never meant to betray you, please forgive me as a friend!
(she pulls Martin back inside)
You! How can you talk of need!
All those years that I wasted, while I waited just for you!
He never lied to me once!
He would never deceive me, he has told me all he knew...
But still he betrayed me
He took the life that you left
He was the husband to love me!
He became part of my life!
It's a life I was made for, that I prayed for all these years!
(Benoit enters)
Why would they kill someone as beautiful as her?
Why would they burn someone as beautiful as her?
They said she was a Protestant! They're b-burning all the
Protestants...burn the Protestant scum, they said. I told them
Louison's not a Protestant, she's a scarecrow! But they said no,
she has to die, she has to die like the Protestant Martin Guerre!
Bertrande (to Martin)
You must help us! Have you not even learned to forgive?
(Martin unchains Arnaud and they leave in a hurry.)
Go! Go!
(Guillaume enters the jail)
Where are they?!