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The Dinner lyrics

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The Dinner Song Lyrics

To my family and friends, to my uncle our host
If you all quieten down, I must first drink a toast
For all you've done since my return
For all the kindness that you've shown
I want to say these days have been the happiest I've known
Now I think at last, we've a gift for you
(he hugs Bertrande's stomach)
Sometime in the spring, you should have a new Martin
(the villagers cheer, Arnaud and Bertrande embrace)
Villager 1
Hey Martin, you dirty bastard, not like you to be so quick
Villager 2
What's the secret?
Three Crones
Seven years on army rations did the trick!
All right that's enough! It's late, go home! I want to talk to Martin.
Mme de Rols
What's the matter, Pierre?
André, take your wife home.
(the villagers leave)
Guillaume, not a word!
Of course not, Pierre
(he leaves)
Is it true what I hear, you've turned from our faith,
you're a Protestant now?
Mme de Rols
What are you talking about??
Pierre (to Bertrande)
And have you done the same, tell me is this the truth
Mme de Rols
She would never do that!
And the child that you bear is a Protestant heir?
Yes. I'm a Protestant now
Mme de Rols
Bertrande is this true??
This is my faith
I showed him how a God can love
He understood
At last I found another way
Mme de Rols
Is this how you repay our love?
Mother, please, understand!
Mme de Rols
You're no daughter of mine!
If one word of this gets out
They'll hang you up and watch you break
Not one word of this gets out
I swear they'll burn you at the stake
Mme de Rols (overlapping with Pierre)
No, not a word, do you hear me not a word
Not a single word (...)
Silence, perfect silence, always silence only silence just,
silence, total silence, simply silence now as silence must
(Guillaume appears)
And so the treachery begins
A secret deal to save their skins
A secret's well and good except it's only secret when it's kept!
(he runs into the streets)
Lubin! Galoche!
What Guillaume, what?