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Pray for the Day lyrics

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Pray for the Day Song Lyrics

Benoit, you must be brave now
Benoit, don't be afraid
One day, there will be peace
But Bertrande, how can you know?
Just look around and learn from what you see...
Each tiny seed we sow in the earth
Each tiny seed will grow when there is sunlight
Each tree you see has grown from a seed
And has waited for the springtime
For a time when it's safe to grow
We need the summer sun
We wait but the winter's cold
We know that the day will come
When we'll see all its leaves unfold
We can pray for the day
When it's our turn to try
Can we reach like the trees
(she raises her arms to the sky)
Touch the stars in the sky!
Then we'll see...
All that we've done
is it our turn to try?
All we've begun
Touch the stars in the sky
Pray for the day
The seeds that we've sown
All we've known will survive
Like the trees we are strong
Like the trees we'll belong
We can pray for our day to arrive....