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Louison lyrics

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Louison Song Lyrics

What's the use trying to pretend, Louison
For Benoit's found another friend, Louison
And his name's Martin Guerre
Well, they think that it is
We know the name isn't his
It's a secret, mustn't break the rule, Louison
They have to cheat to call me fool, Louison
(he sees Bertrande)
There's no need to be so sad, Bertrande
You must be brave, Bertrande, don't turn away
I know he cares!
Every night that he sleeps on the floor
I miss him more Benoit that I can say
Bertrande, don't you remember?
You must remember, the t-trees...
We have to pray for the day
When it's our turn to try
(Arnaud arrives)
We can reach like the trees, touch the stars in the sky
And remember Bertrande, it will soon be spring
After winter we can dance and sing
What will happen we must wait and see, Louison
For a seed can grow into a tree, Louison....