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Soul lyrics - Ox

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Soul Song Lyrics

Lord help me save my soul.
I'm trying not to lose control.
I'm trying not to lose control.
But I might have to let go…
[VERSE 1:]
Yeah, with open eyes, I define my direction.
To cast my light in time, the shine's my protection.
I shed blood just to rhyme in perfection.
To move at God speed no time for reflection.
It's evident in the movement that he steps with,
A monster has arrived the kid's on some next sh*t.
Benevolent with the flow. Beyond weapons
To style. Beyond rippin’ the heart where rhymes kept in.
So he can't fade out.
It's too much ground at stake to let the beat play out.
Its like time stops. What will he say now?
How can you move when they try to put what he say down?
See that’s the discipline. I push mute on these actors,
And go hard so these little disputes ain't a factor.
I gotta get my name up in the rafters.
And make it so only real sh*t is coming right after.
[VERSE 2:]
I'm trying to find my position in time,
And get it popping before I'm outta my mind.
See, I be out on the grind for a week at a time.
Like I'll be dead when I close my eyes.
So I be sleeping one eye open, vision on my hopes and dreams.
With a desire that’ll burn ‘til it’s smoking.
I'm on fire. Ain't no need for provoking.
My soul is providing the fuel that will keep me open.
By any means they still trying to control him,
And take away the light that he holds so they can close him.
But never that there's no force to hold him down
When he grabs that mic and then goes in.
I'm so far above what y'all dealing with.
I'm so close to the edge, I'm unlimited.
I'm so diligent. To the end I'm killing it.
And my last breath, I exhale, spilling this.