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So Cold lyrics - Ox

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So Cold Song Lyrics

I'm so cold. (So cold)
I'm so cold. (So cold)
I'm so cold.
Baby, I'm so cold.
[VERSE 1:]
I tell 'em cool the conversation, what you dealing with is nationwide.
Live wire style, when he rock now your fixture fried.
Word, I ain't fix to lie. Truth what I be telling, right.
I sell that game raw, you forget to cut you're ass will die.
Yeah, that's a definite. My pimp game excellent.
It's effortless, while y'all cats vibe sounding celibate.
[VERSE 2:]
Yeah, the bottom line is y'all ain't f**king it right.
I beat it up until them f**king guts busting inside.
Cause he a what? (Soldier) See, that man a problem.
But ain't a muthaf**ka on this earth that can solve him.
Feel like a young prize fighter with the pen.
Punch lines like a shotgun caught you in the chin.
Listen close and listen good, you better dig.
I'm only gonna throw this sh*t out there one time, And you better muthaf**kin right receive it.
If you can't keep up, you might want to adjust your muthaf**kin tempo.
I ain't talkin too fast, you're just listenin' too muthaf**kin slow.
[Thanks to Joseph for lyrics]