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Come With It lyrics - Doujah Raze

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Come With It Song Lyrics

Doujah Raze... Let's go.
[VERSE 1:]
Tell me do you wanna ride tonight?
Then tell me do you wanna die tonight?
This is my city, my invite.
Let's burn it up and watch the sky ignite.
It won't hurt just to try it right? (Yes it will)
Yeah, maybe you right, it might.
Downtown where the crime is right, the time is right to bust this dynamite.
The weaker you come the harder you fall.
So come hard or don't come at all.
I leave you sore, leave you mauled,
Leave you in pieces three feet tall.
Let's go, we can have a ball.
Yeah baby, we can have it all
Ain't it fun when the blood starts flowing
And the parts start flying and your heart starts going (Oooh)
Come with it b**ch, come with it b**ch
Take your best shot, and try to finish it
Don't blow it, cuz I will kill you
Before you know it!
[VERSE 2:]
Where ya gonna go? Where ya gonna turn?
When ya gonna break? When ya gonna learn?
It ain't nothing. I can shake and squirm
And turn your face into fillets that the pavement burns.
Churn the ash, grab the urn
Then crack you head upon that curb.
Oh it hurts, oh it pains!
Oh it squirts, oh it rains!
I will kill you and spill you. Yeah, there'll be blood all on the streets.
I will stomp you and tromp you. Yeah, there'll be blood all on these cleats.
And before you realize what the hell I been doing,
You'll be fallen from the skies down to hell in the ruins.
Let's go.