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November, 22nd 2015
Every song of this band – Cherry Suede – is an excellent example of the direction that they represent – rock. Performers have absolutely fantastic voices that create a mood nostalgic and relaxed and peaceful at once. Overflows of one guitar here are a bit like the banjo, despite the fact that it is clearly visible that their electric guitars are classical and six-stringed.

Miss Jealousy lyrics

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Miss Jealousy Song Lyrics

Well I don’t know what you’re thinkin’
And I won’t be guessing tonight
And no matter what you’re wishin’
Girl I won’t be pickin’ a fight
But I get caught up in the moment
And I can’t stop seein’ the signs
Honey please stop yelling
Please stop tellin’ lies’.
Cause Miss Jealousy keeps calling
And I know what she’s gonna say
She keeps telling me I’m falling
But I won’t be falling today
Oh Miss Jealousy you’re misery
Why can’t you let me go
Oh Miss Jealousy I’m better off alone
And I can’t help feeling guilty
Over things I’ll never forget
I keep thinkin’ about my baby
Keeping warm in somebody’s bed
Now there ain’t no way I can take it
He don’t trust me when I’m away
Well her heart might brake but I won’t take the blame, oh no
You’d think by now you’d have some trust in me
But everyday I feel you haunting me, Miss Jealousy’solo
Oh Miss Jealousy I’m better off alone
Oh Miss Jealousy I’m better off alone