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Weekly Volcano Press lyrics

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Weekly Volcano Press Song Lyrics

Jo: [Sung]
I came to New York on a dream,
I knew it might take me awhile.
But all I've been hearing, since I arrived,
Is leave it right there on the pile.
So today I woke up.
And decided it's time.
Time to achieve,
Time to thrive,
Time to climb!
Professor Bhaer: [Spoken]
Miss March, tell us what happened!
Jo: [Sung]
Sometimes when you dream,
Your dream is just a guess,
Sometimes, when you work really hard
You don’t know,
If you’ll ever find success!
So I grabbed a story to sell,
And got ready to raise hell.
Then I marched out the door,
And headed right for,
The Weekly Volcano Press!
Professor Bhaer: [Spoken]
Henry Dashwood, now he is a man of taste.
Jo: [Sung]
Dashwood was a fiend.
He sneered at my distress.
Tossed my story high on a stack,
But I was
Determined I would progress!
I said ‘Sir, I’ll wait while you read.’
But alas, he disagreed.
So I jumped on a chair,
And read it right there,
At The Weekly Volcano Press!
Professor Bhaer: [Spoken]
You did what?
Jo: [As Clarissa]
Keep away from me, you wretch!
Jo: [As Braxton]
I cannot keep away!
Your beauty draws me,
Your passion ignites me!
Professor Bhaer: [Spoken]
Ah, it’s the one with all the horror in it.
The blood bath!
Jo: [Spoken]
That’s the one! But I took to heart what you said,
And I embellished. I made it better.
Jo/Braxton: [Sung]
I’ve got, to have you!
Jo/Clarissa: [Sung]
I defy you!
I will take you!
Let me by you!
Let go! Let go! Let go, let go, let go!
Jo: [Spoken]
Rodrigo appears, in magnificent splendor!
Rodrigo: [Spoken]
Unhand that woman, villain!
Clarissa/Braxton: [Spoken]
Who are you?
Rodrigo: [Sung]
I am your destiny!
Your bitterest foe!
I’ve come to avenge your crimes,
Of ten years ago…
Braxton/Clarissa: [Spoken]
Agh!/ Ahh!
Rodrigo: [Spoken]
Run to the forest! Run!
I can’t! The forest is dangerous!
My sister went in there and never returned!
You must risk it! You must take the dark path!
Your fate awaits you!
She will never escape me!
En Garde!
Go, now!
Jo: [Sung]
Dashwood was aghast,
But I could not care less.
Words I spoke, ignited the air, I felt like,
A publishing lioness!
That’s when Dashwood started to shout,
And I thought he’d throw me out!
But then I persevered, and a forest appeared
At The Weekly Volcano Press!
Jo: [Spoken]
The forest is dark, and scary.
Clarissa enters, trembling, fearful of what fate awaits her.
She comes to a fork in the road and stops.
Clarissa: [Spoken]
Which way do I go?
A Hag appears.
Hag: [Sung]
I can help you choose.
But you must make a sacrifice.
Give me something, dear,
Those combs would be nice…
Clarissa: [Sung]
Without these combs
What will I be?
Perhaps a Hag as dull as me…
I can’t…
You’ll never know your destiny
Unless you give up vanity..
I’ve got to know,
Please show me where to go!
Your fate awaits you there!
Jo: [Spoken]
The path is perilous.
She avoids swamps, she loses her footing!
Her shoes tumble off.
The sleeve of her dress gets caught on a twisted limb.
She comes to wild rapids and can go no further.
Clarissa: [Spoken]
How should I get across?
A troll appears.
Troll: [Sung]
If you want to cross,
You must pay me!
I’ve the only boat,
That can get you there alive.
I see you wear a necklace,
That holds a pretty jewel.
My price to get across,
Is what you’re wearing ‘round your neck
Oh how it’s glitter makes me drool…
Clarissa: [Sung]
I’ve nothing left but this,
My prospects are so bleak!
You’ll never know what wisdom is
Unless you give up all your riches!
Here, it’s yours!
Now show me distant shores!
I’ll take you to your fate!
Jo: [Sung]
Sometimes when you dream,
Your dreams come true,
In extraordinary ways,
Suddenly a day
Can be so amazing!
And sometimes when you yearn
You burn the air!
And someone else feels the flame
You always knew was there!
Knight: [Spoken]
Stop, please!
Clarissa: [Spoken]
I cannot stop!
Can you not give a tired old knight some assistance?
I have nothing left to give!
Give me your time!
My fate awaits me!
Can you not care for me?
It’s been years since I felt the touch of another hand.
Then take mine.
And take my shawl.
Ragged as it is.
You have now completed your journey.
My sword is yours.
It will protect you against your enemies.
You may now return to the moors.
Your fate is in your hands…
Jo: [Spoken]
And Clarissa raced from the forest,
Raced to the moors where she called
“I have returned, Braxton!
I will free the moors of your tyranny!
Fight me!”
Braxton: [Spoken]
I always knew you’d come back to me.
They always do.
Jo: [Spoken]
Clarissa thrusts, she parries!
She backs up Braxton and
Pins him against a tree!
She leaps up on a craggy rock, her sword
Swishing and swooshing!
Never has she been more determined.
She is on fire!
Pity she hadn’t taken dueling lessons.
Out of nowhere,
Who should appear,
But the long forgotten Rodrigo!
Rodrigo: [Spoken]
This is your end, villain!
I’ve waited I lifetime to destroy you!
Braxton: [Spoken]
Who are you?
I am your worst nightmare, Braxton.
[Beth as Rodrigo]
I am- Her sister!
Braxton: [Spoken]
Jo: [Sung]
And then Dashwood got on his knees,
Crying ‘Sell this to me Please…’
Professor Bhaer: [Spoken]
Miss March!
Jo: [Sung]
Then he ordered four more,
Now I’m writing for,
The Weekly Volcano Press!
Jo/Clarissa/Rodrigo [Sung at the same time]
I’m ready for destiny!
My tresses are curled.
I’ll take what is rightly mine
With curtains unfurled.
I will not quit, I won’t be forgotten!
I will shine, I’ll dazzle and more...
I’m ready to take a bow,
I’ve taken a solemn vow,
My destiny here, and now!
I’ll astonish the world!
Professor Bhaer/Hag/Troll/Knight/Mrs. Kirk [Sung at the same time]
Sometimes when you dream,
Your dreams com true!
In extraordinary ways,
Suddenly a day can be so amazing!
And sometimes when you yearn,
You burn the air!
And someone else feels the flame
You always knew
Was there!
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