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WSKID lyrics - Little Shop of Horrors Cast

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WSKID Song Lyrics

Do do do do do do (2x)
Skid Row Radio!
And thus we conclude our interview with Seymour Krelborn, the young you mind if I call you a genius?
Gosh no!
The genius who's developed a new breed of plant life hither to unknown on this planet, the Audrey II! Oh! One last question
Mr. Krelborn. Do you feed it anything special?
Special? Uh, no. It's a secret formula, but it's uh, not hard to come by.
I see. Well thanks for stopping by. It's been a pleasure-
(Simultaneously) I'd like to remind our listeners that the Audrey II is on display exclusively at Mushnik's Skid Row
Florist Shop, open six days a week...10 to 6!!!
Well thank you. This is radio station WSKID.
The address! The address! Mention the addr- Oh well. It's still great advertising.