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Burnin' Hell lyrics - The Bootleggers feat. Nick Cave

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Burnin' Hell Song Lyrics

Everybody talking about burnin’ hell,
It ain’t no heaven, it ain’t no burn at all.
When I die, when I go, go until
Everybody talking about burnin’ hell.
Yeah, yeah.
My momma told me and papa, too
Go tell ‘em judging, see di*k and Jules?
Yeah, di*k in Jules in, in a hundred out of suit,
I said di*k and Jules is in burning hell
Yeah, di*k and Jules, damn on your hear
Damn on your name and brand new name
And a hundred out of sume, damn on name
di*k and Jules playing with me.
Everybody talking, burnin’ hell
There ain’t no heaven and there ain’t no burnin’ hell.
When I die, when I go, nobody tell, everybody talking about burnin’ hell.
One, two, three, stop.