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Another Day, Another Dollar lyrics - Nappy Roots

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Another Day, Another Dollar Song Lyrics

Today ya'll
We gonna use the subject matter
We runnin' outta time
(Let me say this one more time)
I think we runnin outta time
Cause the days are dark
A world of sin is what we're livin in
Temptation outweighs preservation
Existence brings vegetation
Do you know....what I'm sayin
Our conversation is mutilation
Supplication is rigorous penetration
Any trace of insubordination
I cast deep....damnation!
Father absolve my dark thoughts
My shortcomings, my downfalls, the weed-smokin
After all, I had faith thru it all
Thou shall not, cause I have not
And I haven't got, cause I ask not
And all that, I have not
I'm truly thankful for what I have got
The long roads got so hard
The straight and narrow
I walked alone
I'm down on bended knee
Prayin' for strength to carry on
The journey here was so tedious
I get weak...."Help me Jesus!"
Take refuge to my dark life
Forgive me of the Ladykiller
Just another day, another doll
(Just another day)
Just another day, another doll
(Just another day)
Just another day, another doll
(Just another day another dollar)
(Repeat Chorus)
I need to testify
Now I was born in the ghetto
Just off in the country roads
Down the street from the bar-b-q pit ah!
Right behind the liquor store
Well I got in a world of trouble one fine night
Comin down that Mississippi line
Just a good ole' Kentucky boy
In the right place at the wrong damn time
They put hands in shackles 'round my ankles
Broke my back and damn near hanged me
By the time they let me outta there I was a
Stranger to my own damn family
Tryin to hold it down on my homeys
Like they don't know me now and my whole ??? family
Wanted to kill somebody, hell I didn't care
She was just a little old lady
Cause that day ????
About to drown
Comin way down
But now I believe, he turned me around
He put my feet on solid ground
And now I'm here to serve a purpose
The Good Book....I read the verses
The windows open, the words are perfect
I'm just a servant, can I get an Amen!
(Repeat Chorus)

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