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Beautiful City 'Cross The River lyrics - Dave Alvin

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Beautiful City 'Cross The River Song Lyrics

Bless me father, for I have sinned
My last confession was . . . well . . . God knows when
I'm a thief and liar and I use your name in vain
But now I'm in some trouble that's hard to explain
And I need your help and I pray that you'll consider
Helpin' me over the border line, to that beautiful city 'cross the river
I got nothin' to hide, cause I can't fool you
I've done some things that I shouldn't do
I lost my faith time and time again
Ran from my family and turned my back on my friends
Until my world is just cold, dark and bitter
But I could walk in sunshine in the beautiful city 'cross the river
I never had money, not enough anyway
Never got a break, I struggled day to day
Then I met this girl, down in Tennessee
And for a few dollars she was real kind to me
But, she wanted things that I couldn't give her
But I'll be rich as any king in that beautiful city 'cross the river
Now I didn't hurt no one, I didn't fire a gun
Just stole what I could and then I began to run
Drove three long days, straight to El Paso
With a bag full of cash and visions of Mexico
Now, all I'm askin' is if you will deliver
Me over the border line to that beautiful city 'cross the river