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Invisible lyrics

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Invisible Song Lyrics

I can feel you all around.
in the silence I hear the sound,
of your footsteps on the gournd.
And my heart slows down,
so now I'm
I'm waiting for the moonlight
so I can find you in this perfect dream. Don't think you can hide there
in the shadow's. Girl your not invisible.
Your all that I can see.
Something changing deep inside,
all my hopes are comming alive.
As were fading into the night,
I can see your eyes.
So I'll keep on
Your all I can see in the darkness,
believe we can make this
all we want it to be.
We can stay here forever,
Cuz we were together,
stuck in this fantasy.
I don't want to leave.
and I'll keep.
[chours x2]
girl your not invisible,
your all that i can see.
and my heart slows down.
[Thanks to Lexi for lyrics]