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Rollin lyrics - Comp

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Rollin Song Lyrics

Listen when u see me in a buggy out taho by the way thats the new edition
Custom made trucks with my own little fix in i gotta glas with a marble transmission
Wathc me the money made cocky and my chain like rocky balboa playin hockey
Ice spinnin you must be payin fo yo shorty payin me mine like
Switch topics mami what u doin later she looked at my shoes and say wow gucci gators
I'm like chewin d really that was nothing till i make soup with my own cup cuplins
She say can i go i say yes u can
Eventhough i suggest ya friend so ma come on then and make a spin
Cause my ball backin up not yo giorgia friend
Mami in the whip check overprice fabric on my nike check eventhouhg i kill em in
A velour sweats size 13 in a timberland goretex rolin
Listen ma hear me clearly i'm in the champagne room u where the benz be
Come tryin to get yo girl in a frenzy she wanna party in the benzy where my friendz be
I'm low on gas my benz on e i drove a whip in a class teacher gave me a e
Gotta a government edition de i got a chick that works with d's and do i's
Mami mami pleaz don't leave come get here bust kids on weave
Smoke 10 trees rim size 1 3's dim big cowards dim dim g's
I'm in the wip watchin not another teen movie
I'm seen a chick i'm like not another teen groupie
`i gotta that ....go by the name teen uzi
And they specialise in designin coushy's
But comp ain't yo average do i got a wife that don't look like the average ho
And i hate goin to the mall it's a dragg i tell shorty tell her son to carry my bags
I'm pimpi call me mr. Pimpin
Husky longhead that look better to women and i ain't stuck on myself but even in the rapgame i put the house and the truck on myself
I'm real cool when i stay to myself if i'm sick i've gotta go to cater my health and the money just cater my health like they knock these girls out and call them mr. Jay themselves