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February, 11th 2017
3:57 of slow composition for sensual dance together, after which you want to sit at a table where a candle lights you two. It is standing in the shadows on a table with a white cloth. Red rose shares your views, and the hands touching and sparks are in the eyes. Same as in sparkling liquid poured into tall glasses that wait for you. And here you are, tell each other "I love you "or even "Will You?.." at the sounds of this melody the pop genre. Reference: Frankie Valli: Wikipedia

Fallen Angel lyrics - Frankie Valli

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Fallen Angel Song Lyrics

You're home again, I'm glad you kept the key
Been waiting here, it seems a million years to me
But hush now I know you're all cried out
It's all right inside, I've had no doubt
About your love for me
I can see behind the tears
I'm certain of the way we feel
And given time the hurt will heal
You're home again so won't you close the door
Stay here with me and
We'll forget what's gone before
Just hold me tight
Our love is gonna make it right
Put shadows way beyond recall
The ghost has almost gone
Fallen angel, I'll forgive you anything
You can't help the things you do
Now something's gotten hold of you
Fallen angel, got a demon in your soul
And later when the fever's gone
I'll be here where you belong