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Finale lyrics - Usnavi, Company

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Finale Song Lyrics

Bolero Singer:
No te vayas...
Si me dejas...
Si te alejas de mi...
Seguirás en mis recuerdos para siempre...
Para siempre...
Para siempre...
Para siempre...
Para siempre...
Lights out on Washington Heights
and now the crack of dawn the blackout
goes on, and on, and on...
Sonny's out back sortin' the trash
as I think about the past
with the sack full of cash...
Abuela really wanted me up on the beach
with margaritas in my reach,
but soon that's how it's gonna be...
imagine me leavin' today
on a seven-forty-seven
boardin' JFK.
The hydrants are open
cool breezes blow...
Carla and Daniela:
The hydrants are open
cool breezes blow... X4
Piragua Guy:
Piragua, piragua
new block of ice, piragua
so sweet and nice, piragua
piragua, piragua X4
Good Morning X3
Seguiras en mis recuerdos
Para siempre... X2
I'll be downtown
It won't be long now
There's a breeze of the Hudson
and just when you think you're
sick of living of here the memory
floods in...
the morning light off the fire escapes
the nights at Bennett Park blasting
big pun tapes
I'm-a miss this place to tell you the truth
Kevin- dispensin' wisdom
from his dispatch booth
and at dawn Vanessa at the Salon
we gotta move on
and who's gonna notice we're gone
When our jobs done
When the evening winds down to a crawl, son...
can I ease my mind when we're all done
When we've resigned in the long run
what do we leave behind
Most of all I miss Abuela whispers
doin' the lotto pick six every christmas
In five years when this whole city's
rich folks and hipsters, who's gonna
miss this raggedy little business
Graffiti Pete:
But it'd do. Haha! Great sunlight
this morning!
Yo, cuz! We fixed the grate!
Yo, what'd I tell you about this punk!
You must commission an artist while
his rate is still good!
Graffiti Pete:
It's the first work in my new series!
(Pull down the grate. It says: ABUELA CLAUDIA PACIENCIA Y FE)
He hates it.
Shhh. He's formin' an artistic opinion.
You did this last night?
Graffiti Pete:
There goes my flight...
Graffiti pete, you're gonna
need some new cans
here some money finish up
there's been a slight change
of plans
Graffiti Pete:
Listen up guys you gotta
job, I'm not playing
You gotta go now tell the
whole block i'm staying!
Go ahead tell everyone ya know,Sonny...
Alright go!
Yeah, I'm a streetlight chillin'
in the heat!
I illuminate the stories
of the people in the street!
Some have happy endings
some are bitter sweet
but I know them all and that's what
makes my life complete!
We're home!
If it's not me, who keeps our legacies!
and who's gonna keep the coffee
sweet with secret recipes!
Abuela, rest in peace
you live in my memories
but Sonny's gotta eat
this corner is my destiny!
Sonny, Nina, Carla, Daniela:
We're home!
Brings out the best in me-
we pass a test, we keep pressin'
and yes indeed!
You know I'll never leave!
You can close your eyes
that hydrant is beach
the siren is a breeze!
the fire escape is a leaf on a palm tree!
We're home!
Abuela, I'm sorry...
but I ain't goin back
because I'm telling your story!
I'm not sayin' goodbye to your smilin'
I found my Island!
I've been on it this whole time
and I'm home!
We're home!
The hydrants are open
cool breezes blow!
It's a wonderful life that I've known!
Merry Christmas ya ole building a loan and I'm home!
The hydrants are open!
Cool breezes blow!
Abuela that ain't a stoop
that's your throne!
Right after your birds have all flown!
I'm home!
Where the coffee?s nonstop!
And I drop this hip-hop
and my Mom and Pop shop
We're home!
Where people come
people go
Let me show all these
people what I know
There's no place like home!
Let me get the record straight...
I'm stepping to Vanessa
I'm gettin' the 2nd date
I'm home!
We're Home!
Where it's a hundred in the shade!
But with patience and faith
we remain unafraid
I'm home!
You here that music in the air?
Take a train to the top the world
and I'm there I'm home!