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Reflectionz lyrics - Fenom

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Reflectionz Song Lyrics

oooo, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oo , oo
For some time now Ive been thinkin bout how my life has changed (baby),
And its funny how we always fail to reflect on the everyday (baby),
Many situations come and go and seem to go unnoticed,
Could it be that the forces of evil are clownin up our way?
Its when you see that without in division the path of least resistance,
Will be the path we travel as the plans we maveled would crumble at our feet (ya),
And I aint tryin to turn away or walk away no noo,
I, gotta ride this out to the end and see where it may lead.
Im sittin,
Through a glass door lookin from the inside out,
You think you know but you dont know wat its about,
You gotta use the eye from within if you wanna see inside outside lookin in,
Repeat 1
ooh woah, yeahh, yeahh, yeahh, yeahh, ooh,
From the outside,
From the outside lookin in
[Thanks to Haley Kon for lyrics]