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Finale: Look At Him lyrics

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Finale: Look At Him Song Lyrics

[Company] Look at him have you ever seen a finer bird, Honk! Hark at him 'cause his honking is the best we've heard. We
are feeling rather small in this whole shabang maybe you'll forgive us all, and we hope with enough soft soap lead our gang?
[Ugly] Of coarse I forgive you I'm just so happy to see you all again. I'd like to introduce you to someone. This is Penny.
[Penny] Hello
[Drake] Hello, Penny!
[Ida] Drake.
[Drake] Whoops.
[Grace] Welcome home my dear, I've been thinking I'm getting very long in the bill and I feel that the time is right that
should relinquish the red band. Wear it with pride my dear for you are indead the finest bird on the lake, as I know I was in
my day, and let it be known that from this day forth the red band shall be known as the Cignet Ring.
[Company] Look at him, look at us, see the difference, why did we ever think him a dud?
[Drake] I always knew that my family was blessed with royal blood
[Turkey] Oh yes, oh yes yes, yes yes yes
[Company] WHAT!
[Turkey] I made it through Thanksgiving!
[Company] Look at him. All the splendor of a nobal swan.
[Ducklings] And we've got him as a brother.
[Company] Look at him, from a duckling to a paragon.
[Ducklings] We won't swap him for another.
[Company] Now that your back on the lake promise you won't leave. Your examples' here to take. Just believe, in yourself,
don't be left, on the shelf, feeling that all hope is dead and gone. And you may, find in your own way. Your. A. Swan!
[Thanks to Patricia Sirr for lyrics]