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Brotherly Love lyrics - Ryan Bingham

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Brotherly Love Song Lyrics

Well I don't love my brother
and he don't think much of me
we don't like each other
and we never can agree
if it weren't for the old man
I wouldn't talk to you at all
we have hated each other
ever since we could crawl
cain and abel ought to be our names
if it weren't for the murdering charge
I would put you in your grave
I'd beat you like an old mule
and leave you like an old wet sack
spit in your face and blacken your eyes
and leave you on the river bank
let them crows pick your bones
let the wolves chew off your head
then I'd make you dig your own grave
till I'm sure that you was dead
then i would be whistling
all the way back home
then i'd say a prayer
thank god that i won't have to see you no more
‘scuse me for sayin' so
but i prefer it this way
with the waggin' of your jaw
day after day
you are selfish and a liar
you are as trustworthy as a snake
a match not made in heaven
it was surely a mistake
it's got to be from hell
and not from above
this is what they call
brother……brotherly love