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Why? lyrics - Frankenstein Cast

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Why? Song Lyrics

[Spoken] But, Victor says that every question must be asked. And I agree.
Tell me why does the breeze blow
Why do both the flower and the weed grow
And tell me why do men fight wars?
Why does God even care
Why does he listen to our prayers
Doesn't he already know what we're praying for?
Curious little boy
No wonder you're your father's joy
Now not an educated girl am I
But I know the hardest questions
Begin with Why
[Spoken] Alright then...
Tell me how do the birds go
And just how do they get along with birds so
How do you know when you're in love?
[Spoken] Ugh!
How do you know just who to trust?
[Spoken] Whom!
How does injustice get so just?
How do we deserve all the things we're dreaming of?
Do I really look like my mother?
You're as inquisitive as your brother!
Do you like being my nanny?
It's a far more challenging job than many!
Why, Justine, do you tease me?
I don't know, it seems to please me
William, can't you see through me by now
Can't you tell, haven't you known
I think of you as if my own
You've no greater champion than I
Just remember that I love you
And never question How or If or Why
[Thanks to Bethany W for lyrics]