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The Workings of The Heart lyrics - Frankenstein Cast

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The Workings of The Heart Song Lyrics

This brilliant mind, these gentle hands,
can build a life by parts.
and yet you still don't understand
the workings of the heart.
I tried to make a world for you
where death would never touch our lives.
Have I been a brilliant fool,
Seeing only with his eyes?
You couldn't know the consequence
of all your noble arts.
But can't you see,
they pale against,
the workings of the heart.
You should have left me years ago.
You should have trusted me much less.
Why did you choose to love me so?
Through your pain and emptiness?
I stayed because I love you
and everything you are.
My heart has always followed
it's only guiding star.
How can I live without your simple smile?
How will I love without your touch?
While I was chasing dreams I thought worthwhile,
my dream was you.
I never knew that I loved you this much!
I'd always knew you'd say these words to me.
I saw the love within you from the start.
Don't blame yourself for what you cannot be
And promise me
You'll learn to see
The workings of the heart!
No life can last forever!
I tried to make a world for you!
No man has (something)
Where death would never make us part!
A dream will perish never!
But I am just a brilliant fool...
A fool cannot know love
Without the workings of the heart!
And my heart will never leave you
I know my love will make you stronger!
How I so want to be with you
Stay at my side a little longer!
Through darkest nights and lost days,
our hearts will love for always.
That's something even death cannot undo!
I tried to make a world for you
Where death would be no more.
And now this love I never knew
has given so much more.
So rest your head,
and close your eyes.
Let your pain and tears depart.
I will keep you safe inside
The working of my heart!
[Thanks to Dustin bell for lyrics]