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The Modern Prometheus lyrics - Frankenstein Cast

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The Modern Prometheus Song Lyrics

Behold a woman waiting to be born.
A Venus sculpted from the flesh.
I control her very breath,
I can take her from this death
to something you, alive, and fresh!
I have the power to control
the miracle of creation.
I, a man, will now give birth,
which makes me god upon this earth!
So why this trepidation?
No, I've gone too far to turn back now.
There's nothing left i need decide.
I am the modern Prometheus
and ready to create this bride!
What do you mean, “create a bride?”
Is this the science you conceived?
You vowed this life behind!
A vow I foolishly believed!
Henry, I invited you once
to join me in discovery.
I'm giving you yet another chance.
I've gone too far to turn back now!
And soon you'll see I'm justified!
I am the modern Prometheus,
Ready to create this bride!
You mustn't try to act like God!
Prometheus was merely myth!
And if you toy with nature's course
your fate will be the same as his!
I cannot believe what I am hearing!
I'm shocked by your retort!
Henry, dear, you disappoint.
Sorry, friend, you miss my point!
Your vision falls severely short.
I'll change the course of history!
Please see beyond your petty fears.
I was once a dreamer,
now I'm man's redeemer!
We're on the verge of new frontiers!
She's going to be perfect!
The Creature:
It's gone too far to turn back now!
Can't you see what you've become?
A god is here on earth!
The Creature:
My wishes shall not be denied!
This science is insanity!
Frankenstein and Creature:
Behold the modern Prometheus!
You cannot save man (something)
I'm sorry Henry, but this is my destiny!
And this is mine:
to save you from yourself!
[Thanks to Dustin bell for lyrics]