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Amen lyrics - Frankenstein Cast

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Amen Song Lyrics

Frankenstein, we find your ideas to be shocking, dangerous and an affront to all that is moral and decent, shocking, it is madness,
folly, insanity!
The dead have nothing to say to you
I curse the day that I was born.
Into a world so black with hate
I'll gladly leave the life of scorn
And seek my peace before the light of heaven's gate
I have my sins like any man
But none more dark that yours
If it is I that you choose to damn
Innocent blood will stain you hands forevermore
For crimes against the people
The people of Ingolstadt hereby sentence you to be hung by the neck until dead
The 16th of September 1700 and (?)
You kind has no place but the grave
Not even the soul who can be saved
Soon you will know eternal (?)
No man will dare to (?)
What is wrong and what is right?
Does man decide?
Who dares to act like God?
Another soul, another light, another flame extinguished.
One moment here then gone
The heart is beating than its done
The difference barely distinguished
The ancient riddle: What is life?
What is his fleeting essence?
The greatest minds have sought the key
That could unlock this mystery and I alone posses it!
What I have found was thought impossible
And only spoken of in fear
If I can show them the impossible
Create a life that all must see!
Justice will be done!
The dawn that calls to me
What wrong with fright?
Crying destiny demands that vary fate of all mankind
It is time, who dares to act like God?
And in the hand of my creator claiming now
Grant to make this nightmare end
And if no man shall mourn for me.
I'll trust in you.
Who will tend to the remains!? I say, who claims this body?!
I do.
[Thanks to Samantha for lyrics]