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Sex In Da Rain lyrics - Ray J

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Sex In Da Rain Song Lyrics

Yeah (15x)
She was a precious lil girl n such a pretty lil girl,
Now shes grown up to a women n she used to be my lil girl.
Her daddy don't like men,
He barely likes girls, n yeah she always listens to him.
Thats why shes trapped in both worlds.
She goes to church on ever sunday, but shes a freaky lil girl.
N what she does to me on monday.
You wouldn't think she was the pastors lil girl.
Late night we always do it downstairs in the guest room.
N yeah her momma knows everything, uh but wit her pops it aint cool.
Sex in the rain (5x)
Ooooh yeahh
Damn girl.
N then in two hours thirty minutes.
We bout to reach our record time girl,
You know im not finished, i wanna see you cum into my world.
I just wanna be the captain, that sail to ya waterfall.
Get it craccin when i say action..
We about to make a movie for yall.
Sex in the rain(5x)
She said she wanna get wet, so lets sex in the rain.
N she say fly high so lets jet to a plain.
N this might sound insane but i don't even know her name.
By the way that she swang, you can tell she do her thang.
Graduate with honors cause she got that good brain.
Speed it up slow it down, cause she like that good pain.
If that clouds aint out you aint even gotta complain,
Throw a stack in the air bet that kinda feel the same.
Sex in the rain (11x)
Sex in the rain (10x)