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But I'm Yours lyrics - Lois

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But I'm Yours Song Lyrics

Lois: Well I think your the sweetest man in the whole world
Peter: Well this guy ain't going anywhere. Hey, let me tell you something...
I know I haven't always been the perfect spouse
Lois: You do okay
Peter: I drink to much, and leave the cans around the house
Lois: Well you do, do that
Peter: And once I cleaned up Stewie's dooty with your blouse
Lois: WHAT?!
Peter: I maybe thoughtless
Lois: No your not
Peter: I maybe sloppy
Lois: Well a little
Peter: I maybe stupid
Lois: Well alot
Peter: But I'm Yours
[Lois Sings]
Your figure isn't always what it ought to be
Peter: Ha, I gottalose five pounds
Lois: But roly poly bellies never bothered me
Peter: Thank you!
Lois: Or when you scream for hours when you hurt your knee
Peter: Shhh, AHHH, I maybe chubby
Lois: Well two-ninety six
Peter: I maybe lazy
Lois: Sorry two-ninety eight
Peter: I maybe clumsy
Lois: Only often
Peter: But I'm Yours
Lois: But if one day a rapist attacked me...
Peter: I would use him to mop up the street!
Lois: You would?
Peter: You bet, I gotta left hook
Lois: What if he was big?
Peter: I gotta right hook
Lois: What if it was a women?
Peter: I gotta camera, friggin sweet!
Both: I maybe brainless... I maybe worthless
Peter: I maybe Irish, But I'm Yours
Lois: And would you wash the dishes if I ask ya too; That kinda thing would make a woman's dream come true
Peter: I'll do it when this very special coach is through
Lois: Would you empty the trash?
Peter: I gotta backache
Lois: Would you fix the toilet?
Peter: I gotta headache
Lois: Will you vacuum the den?
Peter: I gotta penis
Lois: You're a sexist
Peter: But I'm Yours
Lois: They say a man should treat his lady like a prize; They got his deed to worship with the door in ice
Peter: But I would do that freaky thing of humping guys...
I maybe fobic
I maybe stinky
I maybe farting (Farts)
But I'm Yours
Lois: Would you brave any harder to save me?
Peter: I would slay any foes by the stores!
Lois: Lions?
Peter: I gotta shot-gun
Lois: Tigers?
Peter: I gotta blow-torch
Lois: The Christian rights
Peter: I gotta porno
Lois: That'll do it
Peter: Cuz I'm Yours
Both: I maybe dopey, I maybe messy, I maybe Peter, and I'm Yours
[Thanks to Buddy, Laura Hayes for lyrics]