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October, 19th 2017
'Lullaby' by Lord Huron is performed in a style of mixture of pop, reggae and country. It starts with the banjo, and then a strong man's voice enters, though a little jarring. Overall, good to listen with a brandy in hands or with white wine, eating coconut milk, fried with quail egg – the same mixture of different, like the song itself. Then comes cello and the song takes an entirely different face. Listen, it's worth it. Reference: 'Lullaby' by Lord Huron on Spotify

Lullaby lyrics - Lord Huron

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Lullaby Song Lyrics

You arrive along with the sun
Where have you been darlin'? What have you done?
You were out finding trouble again
There's a fire in your eyes and there's blood on your hands
Come inside and lie down to sleep
You ain't gonna run and you know that you're beat
Rest awhile, they're coming for you
There's a price to be paid for the things that we do
Fall asleep and forget all your troubles
Dream of laughter and old friends and lovers
Dream of when you were innocent
Dream forever
Lord knows you've been 'round in your day
But this kind of trouble, won't just go away
Darlin', now you're adrift in the deep
So just lay down your head and I'll sing you to sleep