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Walk In My Shoes ( feat. Lupe Fiasco ) lyrics

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Walk In My Shoes ( feat. Lupe Fiasco ) Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
Re-Re-Reintroducing the meanest, cleanest, distinguished genuine gentleman
Linguist from the westside of Venus on it, FNF leaguing league of his own
Need to be beepin' it's on, leave em alone, he ain't know, kept on sleepin'
They want my secret to be cut it up open touch the components
Critique keep it, release it then call the police on me, they want our energy drained
Me and my friend, miss such a diva who be Emily King, Uh-uh-uh...
[Verse 2: Emily King]
I just wanna live my life
Cause I wanna, and I need to
So don't be tryna steal my light
Cause you don't know me, don't pretend to
I've been busy on my grind, just like you, I've been trying
I've even shed a tear or two
I swear to you
I ain't lying
Sometimes I feel the world is after me, tryna, get to me, tryna, stop what I do
Cause I'm the only one that looks out for me, can be me and walk in my shoes
Everyday there's somethin' that's new to me
I just, gotta breathe, I don't know about you
But I'm the only one that looks out for me
Can be me, and...
Walk in my shoes
[Verse 3: Emily King]
It ain't easy being Emily
But I don't wanna change my name, cause I ain't got to, I don't need to
So I'mma do what I do, cause I ain't gotta live for you
But I'mma keep up with mine, keep on striving and surviving
[Repeat Hook]
[Verse 4: Lupe Fiasco]
And, and.. St-St-Steadily shinin' like every diamond never mind is mine
Never mine you mine shouldn't mind a hater hater, sure space invader stay away from the arcader
Playa clockin' like Flava Flava could stay the same
No matter how famous the paper or the status the greatest gave us
They tryna drive us insane straighter sedate us, but we escape like David Blaine got us confused
Need to getcha data straight can't walk in our shoes
[Bridge: Emily King]
See everybody's got their own problems that their going through
I take it day by day, it's only thing that I can do
So I live for me as you live for you
But you can't be me unless you walk in my shoes
[Repeat Hook x 2]
Walk walk, walk walk, walk walk - walk in my shoes [x 2]
You gon' do you, and I'mma do me