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Good Life lyrics - Michelle Featherstone

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Good Life Song Lyrics

Walking around and you know there’s a spring in your step
And unwilling the bet it feels nice
Suddenly you know that you’ve got the world on a string
You can do anything that you like
Go on and brush those scares away
Nothing can bring you down today
‘Cause it’s your day to shine.
It’s a good life (repeat 6 times) for me, for you
It’s a good life (repeat 5 times), it’s true.
You don’t have to worry ahead
Take a day off instead because something says it’s so OK
Just concentrate on the things that are making you smile
And then watchout the blues go away
So come on and get your happiness
You don’t deserve anything less
‘Cause it’s what you’re gonna get
So let the sunshine on your face
All your worries are erased