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Part of Your World lyrics - A Christmas Carol Cast

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Part of Your World Song Lyrics

Chost of christmas past:
Ah, emily. Your old flame, ha ha!
What a lovely night!
Happiness and light.
Emily was all you'd ever need!
But remember the way your life would lead...
Read, ebenezer, read!
To my partnership with jacob marley.
Young marley:
Good morning, mr. Scrooge.
Young scrooge:
Good morning, mr. Marley.
What a fine day!
Young marley:
Line at the door, sir.
Ready for business?
Yes, indeed!
Young marley:
Money to make.
Young ebenezer:
Money galore, sir!
Money for all we'll ever need!
Marley and scrooge
Perfectly suited,
Gentlemen with one game to play:
Profit, yes, and nothing less,
And humbug! If we don't do well today!
Ghost of christmas past:
Link by link, year by year, creditor after creditor, your partnership flourished and your fortune grew.
I'd like to borrow ten, sir.
I'll pay you back again, sir.
Young ebenezer:
Ten pounds, plus interest.
A group of creditors:
Here's half that i did borrow.
I'll bring the rest tomorrow.
Young marley:
Kindly see that you're prompt.
I need a bit of time, sir!
You know my credit's prime, sir!
Young ebenezer:
Sign here.
Mr. Fezziwig:
I've fallen deep in debt, sir.
I swear i'll pay you yet, sir!
I helped you both get started!
What's made you so hard-hearted?!
Why, ebenezer, why?
Ghost of christmas past:
Do not turn away.
Here's the price you pay.
Here's another shadow yet to see...
Come remember...
Spirit! Show me no more! I spared no time for her!
You love
Nothing quite as much as gold
Well, i
Have some gold to bring...
From days long before
Our dreams grew cold,
I give you
Your ring...
Emily, no...
Bless you, ebenezer...
Fool! Fool! No, jacob. No! My only friend!
All creditors:
Voices from the past
Calling you at last,
Voices of the ones who loved you so.
Come remember the lights of long ago.
Remember, remember
Remember, remember
Remember, remember
Remember, remember
Remember, remember
Remember, remember
Remember, remember
[Thanks to Maeve for lyrics]