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Perfect lyrics - Children Of Eden Cast

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Perfect Song Lyrics

And the night was perfect
And their dreams were perfect
And they woke with the dawn
And smiled with a yawn
At one another
And with a gentle kiss
They soon discovered this
Their love was more than sister and brother
Well, after all they were made for each other
Of all this perfect garden's perfect sights
You are the sweetest of my earthly delights
And their love was perfect
And the day was perfect
And the next was perfect
And the next...was perfect
And the day after that
And the day after that
Each one perfect as could be
Perfect as could ever be
MEN (simultaneously)
And as the days went by
Though she could not say why
The woman went to spy on the curious tree
And she'd stand there all hesitant and hovering
And each day she drew closer
Until she made an oh!
Surprising and bewildering discovery
Come, Adam, quick, Adam, wait 'til I show you what I found!
Not now, dear, I'm trying to put the insects into alphabetical order. Ant...aphid...
No, Adam! Now, Adam!
It's a thing that will astound you!
When I show you what I found, you won't believe
And she brought him to the tree
Where he knew they should not be
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