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Childhood's End lyrics - Children Of Eden Cast

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Childhood's End Song Lyrics

And they heard the voice of Father
Walking in the garden in the cool of the day
And from Father's presence
Among the thickest trees, they hid themselves away
So, you have tasted the fruit.
Yes, Father, but it's all right. It didn't hurt me after all, and now I can see so clearly.
I can see what you can see!
I can see, I can see
How we can build things from trees
We can use the winds and rivers
I can see there's so much more for us to see
Eve, you see too much
Can you see you have to go?
Leave the garden.
But why?
This is a place of innocence
This is a place for children
And you are a child no more
Adam, Eve is leaving here.
Well, then, what if I went with her?
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