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Shepherds Recitative lyrics - Bob Carlisle; Gary Chapman; Michael W. Smith; Wayne Watson

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Shepherds Recitative Song Lyrics

Gabriel and the angels depart and
there is a moment of stunned silence
as the shepherds look at one another
in disbelief.
SHEPHERD #4: Did you see what
I saw?
SHEPHERD #2: We saw lot of
angels, right?
SHEPHERDS #1, #3, & #4: Right!
SHEPHERD #1: What do we do now?
SHEPHERD #3: Let's go to
Bethlehem tonight
SHEPHERD #4: But what about
the sheep?
SHEPHERD #2: Forget the sheep,
let's quickly go
SHEPHERD #1: Let's see the thing
God spoke to us
FOUR SHEPHERDS: The shepherds!
SHEPHERD #3: God wanted us
to know