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Gabriel and Mary Recitative lyrics - Crystal Lewis; Russ Taff

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Gabriel and Mary Recitative Song Lyrics

Six months later, Gabriel appears to
Mary in her home to bring her
good news.
GABRIEL: Mary, oh Mary, do not
be afraid
I'm Gabriel sent by God
For in all the world
These is not other girl
More highly favored
MARY: But how can that be?
What do you know of me?
GABRIEL: You are a virgin betrothed
to Joseph
But you will conceive
And you will bear a Son
Blessed are you among all women
For He'll be called Son
the Highest
His Kingdom will have no end
MARY: But I have never been with
a man
GABRIEL: The Holy Spirit will
come upon you
The Child will be God's Son
You shall call His name Jesus
The long awaited Holy One
Elizabeth from your family has
also conceived
Her joy will be full
Because with God, because
with God
Nothing is impossible
MARY: I have to go to Elizabeth
And see with my own eyes
That in her old age and barrennees
She'll bring forth new life
First I must tell Joseph
He should know right away
But what if doesn't believe me
What is he going to say?
My spirit has just heard from God
But my soul is still afraid