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The Midnight Creep lyrics - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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The Midnight Creep Song Lyrics

Right now, go ahead baby
I wanna split my head in gravy
Right now, all your horses out
Somehow, baby, come on, get me right now
Look at me right now
You and I gonna be a whole lotta lovin'
No more than find me horses
Well, good, they gonna look around
Sometime, baby, come on
I can't wait right now
Now, get it on and go
I got my rule
I say it's all right
Had a vision
Dirty deeds are gonna blow my tear again
I'm gonna future with that Midnight Creep
Get it right or get them the romance(?)
We had another romance stance(?)
Their love, had their soul abused
What love, baby, come on, right out of bounce
Go out the door, now in the gutter
Or fall in the ditch right down the Maines like this
Yeah! Ahh!
We gotta make it right now!
We gotta make it right now!
Ahh, come on! I did the world with my baby!
Come on, the world with mama!
Get it right! it'll be all right now!