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Reference: Broadway Musical Home: Andrew Lippa

Out There on the Road lyrics

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Out There on the Road Song Lyrics

(Edward Bloom)
You can pine your life away
Wishin' things were better
Waitin' here for judgment day
While knittin' you a sweater
But I believe that kind of life
Won't set your spirit free
So my friend,
One small suggestion
Where you oughtta be'
You can take a journey
Through this country's
Flesh and blood
On a ride past countryside
And Mississippi mud
Hit the street with two big feet
To bear your heavy load
And live life out there on the road
Anyone you wanna be
And anything you say
Come tomorrow you'll be free
Of who you are today
Action and adventure
When we change our fixed abode
Go live life out there on the road
Wouldn't you rather be
Like royalty
Respected like a king
Where it's all civilized
You'll be surprised
The song you'll hear 'em sing
People'll greet you there
Some wanna share
Enthusiastic news
And all you need is guaranteed
With one big pair of shoes
One big pair of shoes!
What's your name, giant'
(Edward Bloom)
Listen, Karl. The world is huge!
Don't you wanna
Step outside
Look around
See what's waiting there!
We were born to
Wake each morn
Some place we've never been
Checkin' out the locals
As they watch us checkin' in
Every new encounter
In another new zip code
We'll find it out there-
That's him, right there!
(Edward Bloom)
Wait! He's not a monster
He's a thinker
He's a whiz
This boy isn't half as bad
As you all think he is
I've been so inspired
I've decided we're a pair
(Edward & Karl)
We're heading out there
On the road
(Jenny Hill)
You're leaving' Now'!
Edward Bloom
Don't tell me that you're
Leaving us for good
(Edward Bloom)
Jenny, yes I'm leaving
But 'for good' I never could
I'll be back some day
(Jenny Hill)
And I'll be waiting while
You're gone
'Til then,
Be happy on the road
(Edward Bloom)
C'mon Karl! Let's show 'em our traveling step! Every road trip needs a traveling step.
Edward Bloom, take with you this Key to the City, and know our doors will always be open to you.
(Edward Bloom)
Suddenly, I'm the king
Who holds the key
But everybody secretly
Is dying to be
More and more
Like who'
Like you'
(All But Karl)
Like you!
I can see America
Dependable and true
Open sky and passerby
Congratulating you
Find the open highway
And you've hit
The mother lode
Go crazy
(Edward, Karl & Men)
Out there on the
(Edward, Karl & All)
Out there on the
Finally out there
(Jenny Hill)
Promise you'll return to us!
(Edward, Karl & All)
On the road!
On the road!!