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Home for You (Reprise) lyrics - Bat Boy: The Musical Cast

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Home for You (Reprise) Song Lyrics

What is it that people... say about me?
People can be very cruel.
But I'm not here to harm them,
I only want to learn,
They all walk in sunlight,
I deserve a turn.
I want to know my neighbours,
I'm not some garden gnome,
Why can't I make this world my home?
It's torture to sit here idly while I'm being slandered in public.
I can only imagine what they are saying.
We're not saying that you can't go out sometime, just not -
Something was troubling me recently,
Watching the world from this table,
Reading and dreaming
And gen'rally growing mold...
But today I looked up
Just in time to see
This medical program on cable,
Astonished, I ran to the mirror and there, behold!
Look here, I've got a navel!
... It means I'm someone's child.
The doctor must have tied it
While my mother smiled...
Which means I may be human,
Complete with family tree.
And if you let me go and see,
This world may be a home for... me!
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