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Sweet 16 lyrics - Thunderheist

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Sweet 16 Song Lyrics

Sweet sixteen
Like a buttered dream just hot lick it up get in
Drop to the floorcause you're like a roll
Put my head to the quiet girl scream
say whats he doing, put some ice in, body burning up, pauls hot like like lightning you cant
You cant cant cant do this
Tap,tap, tap, tap the booty (x4)\\
Spark your lighters, roofs on fire
Cold as ice your one desire
Exotic piper, you're goin like the miamos nights like empanada (x2)
So lets talk that dirty talk, dirty dance, dirty walk, dirty hands, dirty soft
Bend her over, dirty oh.
19 barely legal, gotta little thing for the evil kenivel, with no id still gettin in the club
Know that ease, still looking for love
Sugar and spice, shes so nice if you take her home you gotta pay the price
But dont forget shes underage do it now you dont count the case.
Big boys, small boys free drinks heavy noise little girls and big girls whirl
Get to the club you better watch your self