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Kings and Queens lyrics - Luna Halo

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Kings and Queens Song Lyrics

I could give you everything
But would that be what you'd want?
I could be enough for you
and give you anything I've got
I could see inside your head
and make you come undone
I could give you love again
If you would only
turn around
Hear the sound
Of my heart beating for you
Come on Come on
I think you're so special
What would it take for me to get to you?
I love the way you walk and the way you talk to me
You talk to me
Come on Come on
Cause I'm all about it
Let's take a chance, can't wait any longer
We could be the envy of the kings and queens
The kings and queens
(End Chorus)
So would you come to rescue me
From this unrelenting need
Cause I know that you belong in my arms
So let's fade into the night
I'll give you what your heart desires
You know it tears me up inside
What can I do to make you
(Chorus x2)
Yeeaaaah Yeaaahhhhh
The kings and queens