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Louder Than Bombs  Soundtrack CD. Louder Than Bombs  Soundtrack

Louder Than Bombs lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 20th 2016

Louder Than Bombs album description:

In this film plays a young talent Jesse Eisenberg – the boy who phenomenally depicted the founder of social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. In addition, he brilliantly played in one of the films on the very popular now topic of zombie apocalypse, where he talked about the main points that would lead you to survival.
This film in front of us is a family drama, in which they want to cover the grief that had fallen so suddenly upon them. How can anyone predict the hardship? It always comes to us very suddenly, in those moments when we expect it less than anything. Forcing us to cry, to sink into the abyss of self-flagellation in mind that we did not spend enough time with the person, who is now not with us. Whom we appreciated and loved, but not always were able to spend enough time with him or her. Such a sad note has this film, which was shot just for the awards, but not for box offices (because the latter do not even overcame USD 1 million). This is emphasized by the numerous compositions in its soundtrack. Chemtrails is slow and casts gloom. Do You Believe echoes it with high drawling voice of the singer, who is almost about to howl. Over You, despite this is rap, has not characteristic for this genre musical instruments, as well as a pretty good lyrics – there is no abusive words, as if paying a tribute to this film. Medium Medium band made ​​a song Hungry, So Angry, where contained not yet completely mature alternative rock that underlines the desire of young people to do something of their own, albeit not as fervent as that of garage rock, but with an understanding of all lyrics that they put in.
The premiere of the film was from May to December 2015 (in different countries) and it didn’t receive high popularity – it was created as an art piece but not as broad consumer thing.

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