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Long Live Rock Soundtrack CD. Long Live Rock Soundtrack

Long Live Rock lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 0000

June, 22nd 2016

Long Live Rock album description:

This collection of music can be considered as a benefit of Cherry Suede band, who sang every single song among these 12 in the soundtrack. In fact, it can be said that the collection is sustained in the same direction – soft rock, which represented by each song individually. If to judge the instrumental kit, we may say that the listener will be immersed into total domination of the two 6–stringed guitars (e.g. in Learning How To Let You Go). The other elements appear here only occasionally. Thus, minor inclusions are from the violins, timpani, drums and some shakers.
Voices are great here too – soft, insinuating, reminding delicate soothing. The first voice, in the same way as guitar to all other instruments, completely dominates above the second voice, which appears as an independent only a few times, and the rest of the time echoes to the first. Actually, the first soloist looks much more as a rocker, than another one. Therefore, in the case of a possible group falling apart, the main soloist will begin his career and he will be much more successful than the second. It always happens in established teams of two people – one of them is a leader and the second is a leaded. After all, there are no both strong leaders in a duo that will stay together for a long time. The paths of such people still condemned to the difference, because everyone will have own vision of the development and of oeuvre.
The perfect mood remains after listening to all of the collection (the top of which is a composition named What You Do To Me), when it is wanted to say "How good I feel" and look at the stars with falling comets. Song When I'm Gone is one of the best works of the Cherry Suede band.
Listen, enjoy and share this music with the world and you will feel good. And with such musical accompaniment, it will be easier and more enjoyable to walk through life.

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